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DR Vacation Getaways
DR Vacation Getaways

Experience of a Lifetime at the Dominican Republic

DR Vacation Getaways began when my husband, Steve retired from teaching in 2007, and we came to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, LHVC, to celebrate. We have always put a priority on our family and vacations as a way to focus on building relationships and memories.

The experience at LHVC, was beyond all our expectations and we instantly fell in love with the resort, the friendly staff and beautiful country.

Everything was perfect; from the lavish villa, the tranquility of the beaches, the superb cuisine at VIP Simply Gourmet, to the excitement of the Welcome Party extravaganza.

We became members to ensure our family would have the opportunity to experience vacations at the highest level for years to come.

We have found our happy place, and want to share the experience with you. Your vacation experience will begin the minute you arrive. LHVC, All Inclusive resorts excel in providing a friendly atmosphere making you feel pampered, taking care of your every need. Great food and drink abound and the staff genuinely will try and make your vacation an experience of a lifetime.

The resort has continued to improve and expand to other locations always providing the Lifestyle experience.

The goal of all these resorts is to make your stay safe and unforgettable, so that with all the changing world events you can have peace of mind and just ENJOY.

We at DR Vacation Getaways know a vacation comes with individual expectations, so we would like to help you experience your own dream vacation. We provide a questionnaire that will help determine which package will meet your needs.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club issues bracelets upon arrival that will designate your privileges on the resort. You as our nonmember guest, will have a gold band (upper level club member bands) which entitles you to member-only amenities and some exclusive beach access. When at the resort, you will have the opportunity to learn more about membership, and the additional benefits members are provided.

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